JULY 2019

Founded in Sydney in 2015, BONDI BORN is dedicated to celebrating the female form.

With contemporary Australian lifestyle as their inspiration, Founder Dale McCarthy and Creative Director Karla Clarke create elegant, sophisticated swim and resort wear using only the finest quality fabrics and premium craftsmanship to give every woman beach body confidence, whilst elevating her personal style.

BONDI BORN’s swimwear is now recognised worldwide for their emphasis on pared-back, sleek silhouettes using technically advanced fabrics to ensure a luxurious look, feel and fit.

With an ongoing commitment to uncompromising quality, ethics and sustainability, each BONDI BORN piece is painstakingly fitted and refitted to perfect its cut. Each trim is hand selected or custom made. Each print is designed bespoke by Australian artists. Each garment is crafted in Sydney, the world’s capital of swimwear.

BONDI BORN empowers and inspires women on their summer holidays from beach to poolside all over the world.